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This Is Why Stars Are All Wearing Blue Ribbons At The Oscars

Celebrities have used the 89th annual Academy Awards to take a stand for a very worthy cause.

You may have noticed that a large number of stars adorned their glamorous outfits with blue ribbons? Well it was a symbol of solidarity with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Loving star Ruth Negga kicked off the trend among the stars on Sunday, wearing the pin on her red, flowing, long-sleeve gown.


Ruth Negga. Image: Getty

The accessories are part of the civil rights organization’s latest initiative, “Stand with ACLU,” according to a statement from the ACLU obtained by PEOPLE.

Nominees, presenters, musicians and guests are encouraged to wear the ribbon to show their support “for the rights and civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution to everyone in the United States,” the statement reads.


Karlie Kloss. Image: Getty

Negga, who is nominated for best actress for her role as Mildred in Loving, also championed the nonprofit organization in an interview with PEOPLE, pointing out that organization upholds a “basic love of human rights.”

“They’re a big part of our film,” Negga said of the movie that chronicles the love story of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple who fought for their right to be married.

“Our film features two American Civil Liberties Union lawyers who change the constitution of the United Stares for the better and I’m all for that,” she said.


Michelle Williams and Busby Phillips. Image: Getty

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