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This Guy Legitimately Travels The World Eating Pizza

You know how much you love exploring new places? Taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, or underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, or in the middle of Oxford Street?

'Cos this guy has done it all - while eating pizza.

Phil Duncan fell in love with all things pizza-based at the tender age of five - when he discovered pizza on a baguette at EuroDisney - and, at some point, took it upon himself to try a slice in cities around the world. 

That is exactly the kind of forward-thinking we can get behind, Phil. 


According to Phil, he's piled on the pepperoni in more than 30 countries across five continents.

The best part? He's documented the whole thing on Instagram.

A HAPPY diet is a HEALTHY diet. Best pizza so far in Costa Rica. #montezuma #costarica #travel #pizza 🌍🍕

A photo posted by 📍 Phil (@phil.duncan) on

"I have been to some of the largest cities in the world and some tiny remote islands in the middle of nowhere," he told Elite Daily. "It amazes me no matter what the traditional food is like, you will always find somewhere that sells pizza."

He still has favourites though.

"I love the pizza in New York... During my last trip, I managed to eat at 10 different pizza shops within 36 hours of being there," he revealed, before admitting to having a soft spot for the fare in Koh Phi Phi and the Perhentian Islands.

Number one priority when in New York.. Get myself in this park with a slice of pizza in my hand 🍕🍕🍕

A photo posted by 📍 Phil (@phil.duncan) on

Phil's long-term plan is to open his own pizza joint, which means he actually has to learn how to make it. And he wants the experts to teach him.

"I have never been to Italy, the home of pizza. Mainly because when I go and do my pilgrimage, I want to do it properly, really experience it and hopefully learn how to make pizza."

You go with your bad self, Phil.

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