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This Girl's Mum Accidentally Bought Her A Heaps Filthy Shirt

Remember when you were a kid and you'd get clothes as a birthday or Christmas present and it was literally the worst because, hello, like, where are the rollerblades?

And then you grow up and realise that clothes are properly exxy, and that six-pack of socks in your Santa stocking suddenly becomes your new favourite Crimbo gift. 

So imagine how GD excited you'd be if your mum came home with a designer t-shirt for you, just because. 



Unfortunately for Katie, when she got a closer look, she discovered her mum had picked up a shirt with a picture of a FULL-BLOWN ORGY (pun intended) going on.

Thanks Ma. 

"My mum was shocked but found it hilarious," Katie explained to "She thought it was like a marble effect."

Obviously, the t-shirt is sick AF and Katie has already taken it for a spin around the block.

A+ for effort, Katie's mum. 

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