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These Are The Seven Things That Make A Good Boss

Let’s face it, we all have a story about that horrible boss, but what about a good one?

They’re the managers you’ll never forget and they can be the difference between loving and hating your job.

But what exactly does it take to make a good boss?

Well apparently there are seven key traits according to the experts…

#1: They Have A Vision And Know How To Make It Happen

Good bosses know how to communicate their vision and have the ability to see it through from start to finish.

#2: They Know How To Build A Good Team

Because it’s not just a good manager that’s important.

#3: They Are Aware Of Their Own Strengths And Weaknesses

On top of that, they encourage constructive criticism and look to make up for their own weaknesses with a team who are strong in those areas.

#4: They Are Able To Have A Laugh

They’re someone you want to be around – even when the going gets tough.

#5: They Show They Have Humility

It means they know there’s always room for improvement and it makes them better for it.

#6: They Care For Those Around Them

It’s not just about the bottom dollar. Good bosses know that humanity and honesty are just as important.

#7: They Get That Much Needed Shut-Eye

Even when the going gets tough, they know how to get a good night’s sleep so they’re fresh to handle whatever’s thrown at them.


h/t Daily Mail

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