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The World’s Scariest Swimming Pool Is RIDICULOUSLY High

If you're a fan of fearing for your life while taking a supposedly relaxing dip in the pool, boy have we found the perfect holiday destination for you!

The Hotel Hubertus, which overlooks Italy's Dolomite mountains, has just unveiled a 25-metre pool as part of their new extension; the infinity-style installation is filled with crisp fresh mountain water - as you do - and the view from the end is absolutely unbelievable.



And that's before you get to the glass panel fitted to the bottom of the pool, which gives swimmers the chance to gaze 20 metres beneath them while they doggy paddle.


The pool was designed by Lukas Rungger at Noa architecture studios; he told the MailOnline that their inspiration was the surrounding countryside.

"For the design of the pool, we were driven by the aim to blur the physical limits to create an element, which is interweaving with the landscape, mirroring the clouds and framing panoramic views," he said. 


Another member of the design team explained the brief a bit further, saying: "The position of the pool, which floats 12 metres above the ground, at its extreme edge, gives the swimmer the feeling of floating - weightlessly between heaven and earth.

"This impression is further reinforced by the glass front and a glazed window on the bottom of the pool."

We're going to need considerably bigger floaties.

All images courtesy NOA

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