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"The Void" Is Being Described As The "Most Demented" Movie

Everyone loves a good scare now and then - OK, most people love a good scare now and then - but when a movie that hasn't even been RELEASED yet is described as the "darkest and most demented" flick of the year, you've gotta accept that it's probably going to scar you for life.

The Void, which is set to drop in a few months, is unapologetically gory and, if the 37-second teaser trailer is anything to go by, will be an insanely intense watch.

According to Empire, the movie revolves around a policeman who comes across a man drenched in blood on a highway; when he delivers him to the hospital, however, he finds the entire building taken over by creepy AF dudes in white hoods.

Oh, and the staff and patients hanging around the hospital are well on their way to insane, which really doesn't help that poor police officer.

We're going to give you the same warning we normally do - watch at your own discretion - but, really, this one is not for the faint-hearted.


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