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The Terrifying First Trailer For Annabelle 2 Is Here

We feel like we've been waiting YEARS for this movie but FINALLY we have our hands on the first official trailer for horror flick Annabelle: Creation.

The movie is the follow-up to the spine-tingling Annabelle, but is actually, technically, a prequel; this time we're being treated to the terrifying doll's origin story and holy moly even the thing's EYES are creeping us out.

Annabelle: Creation focuses on the story of Annabelle's creator, a dollmaker who, along with his wife, decides to open his home to a nun and a number of orphaned girls whose home has closed.

Just to really up the creep factor, the dollmaker's own daughter died in the house 20 years ago, so it's probably not too wild to expect a haunting backstory.

The film is the fourth in The Conjuring universe, and will help to explain what the heck happened to create the freaky AF nun that appears in The Conjuring 2 - and who is getting HER own movie in the coming months.

Confused? Don't be. Check out the trailer above and try to prepare yourself for the scares coming your way this August.

It'll all make sense then.

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