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The Story That’s Been Pinned As The Next ‘Making A Murderer’

If you watched ‘Making A Muderer’, the story of Steven Avery, no doubt you got a definite taste for thrillers involving real life stories.

Well, there’s a new story that’s being dubbed ‘the next Making A Murderer’. It’s the story of Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde and her daughter, Gypsy - and it’s just the story TV producers have been on the hunt for since the Making A Murderer series ended.

Writ Large, a production company, has allegedly acquired film and TV rights to Michelle Dean’s Buzzed feature about a 2015 murder case, titled Dee Dee wanted her daughter to be sick, Gypsy wanted her mom to be murdered.

Here’s the story.

48-year-old Dee Dee acted as a single mum and full time carer for her teenage daughter Gypsy, who was wheelchair bound and had a feeding tube.

After losing everything in Hurricane Katrina, they settled in Missouri, where neighbours described them as “sweet”.


When asked about her daughter’s illness, sources say Dee Dee would reel off a long list, including: chromosomal defects, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, sever asthma, sleep apnoea and eye problems.

“It had always been this way, Dee Dee said, ever since Gypsy was a baby. She had spent time in neonatal intensive care. She had leukaemia as a toddler”. She also often reminded people that her daughter had to be homeschooled as she was “brain damaged”.

They were just perfect,” a friend said.

“Here was this poor, sick child who was being taken care of by a wonderful, patient mother who only wanted to help everybody.”

However, things seemed to change on June 14 last year, when this message was posted to the Facebook page the mother and daughter shared.

(The post is still on the Facebook page.)

An hour later, a comment was posted under the status: “I f**ken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER ... HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO F**CKEN LOUD LOL.”

Quickly, Facebook friends alerted authorities to the post, who then found Dee Dee face down on her bed with multiple stab wounds.

She had been dead for several days. There was also no sign of Gypsy, and friends feared the worst for the frail girl.

Shortly after, a neighbour and a friend of Gypsy’s told police that Gypsy had a secret boyfriend, who she’d met on a Christian singles site.

She’d been communicating with him, Nicholas Godejohn, for two years. The pieces then quickly started to fall into place for police.

They put a trace on the Facebook posts to Dee Dee’s account and discovered that the IP address was registered to a Nicholas Godejohn in Wisconsin. When police descended on the house in Wisconsin, Nicholas surrendered and Gypsy was found alive and well. Everyone was relieved that she seemed to be unharmed.

But, as police said at a press conference the next morning, “things are not always as they appear”.

According to a statement by Greene County sheriff’s Detective Stanley Hancock, Gypsy was actually they one who had posted the troubling Facebook posts ... because she wanted her mother’s body to be found “quicker”.

But it got MUCH weirder, as Buzzfeed explains: “It turned out that, in fact, Gypsy hadn’t used a wheelchair from the moment she left her house a few days earlier. She didn’t need one.

She could walk just fine, there was nothing wrong with her muscles, and she had no medication or oxygen tank with her either.

Her hair was short and spiky, but she wasn’t bald — her head had simply been shaved, all her life, to make her appear ill. She was well-spoken, if shaken by recent events.

The disabled child she’d long been in the eyes of others was nowhere to be found. It was all a fraud, she told the police. All of it. Every last bit. Her mother had "made her do it.”

It seems that Dee Dee had developed a strong liking for the sympathy and financial benefits that came from having a “disabled” daughter.

In their last few years together they’d received free flights from a volunteer pilots organisation, stays at a lodge for cancer patients, free trips to Disney World through various charities and they were living in subsidised housing.

So it seems that Gypsy had endured 23 years of hospital visits, having her head shaved, medications that made her sick, life in a wheelchair and operations ... many of which were most likely unnecessary.

It seems that Gypsy asked her boyfriend to kill her mother after suffering years of abuse, being forced to pretend she was sick.


She told police she heard her mother screaming as her boyfriend, Godejohn stabbed her. She said she tried to clean blood from her lover’s cut finger with baby wipes before the couple fled in a taxi.

According to the statement, he mailed the knife to his home so he wouldn’t get caught with it.

The couple also stole several thousand dollars from a safe in Dee Dee’s bedroom. Both Gypsy and Nicholas Godejohn are currently in prison.

Gypsy has told people she feels freer in prison that she did when she was living with her mum.

Watch this space, people.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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