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Shocking News From Woman Who Was Allegedly Burned By iPhone

Yesterday we heard about a woman named Melanie who awoke to a terrible injury to her arm.

What she initially thought was an insect bite, turned out to be a burn from her new iPhone 7.

Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Melanie this morning, who described her fear as she realised the iPhone had been left in bed with her overnight and had resulted in horrific burns down her entire arm.


Since then she has taken to the phone to Apple, where they told her it couldn’t possibly have been the phone that was responsible.

However, they eventually took a report, and photos, and escalated the matter.

After dealing with different people and being told that there were no technicians available in Australia to help, she was then told the phone would have to be sent to American technicians.

It’s now been three weeks since she last heard anything, after being told someone would be in touch within a week.

The most shocking part of it all is that Melanie’s baby was also in bed with her when the incident occurred.

Nicole from Maroubra also called the show today, describing her experience with her new iPhone 7, which made a loud pinging noise, so she put it to her ear. The screen then got very hot and cracked as it was pressed to her cheek.

This resulted in her needing skin grafts in her face.

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