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What Does The Coloured Square On Your Toothpaste Mean?

Rumour has it that the tiny, coloured square stamped onto the bottom of your toothpaste tube can tell you about the chemical make-up of your minty-fresh mouth product.

There are four colour options: Green means the toothpaste is completely natural; blue indicates a natural composition with some added medicines; red is a mix of natural and chemical; and black is an all-chemical make-up.

But the whole "secret colour-code" theory has since been proven to be a complete fabrication.

So what does it mean?

Turns out the mysterious little squares actually do have a secret purpose - and it all has to do with technology.

The tiny boxes are called "eye marks", and are read by light beam sensors during the manufacturing process; all they're there for is to tell the high-speed machinery where to cut and fold the tube.

Anyone else feel a little let down?

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