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The ONE Thing Law & Order Writers Banned From EVERY Episode

It’s known as being the show that doesn’t leave much out, covering a broad manner of ugly truths about our world with episodes loosely based on true sexual crimes.

However, there’s one thing the writers of the show refuse to go near.

Ice-T’s famous catch phrase.

Ice T (or Fin Tutuola’s) famous lines, ‘That’s messed up’ became so regularly dropped, that viewers started using it as a cue in their drinking games.

“You know what — I haven’t said ‘that’s messed up’ in about eight years,” Ice-T explained to

“After that drinking game got made, the writers got a hold of that and they stopped ... So you’re not gonna get that drunk unless you watch old episodes.”

However, don’t dismay if you once played along with the game… “There’s a better one — drink whenever someone says ‘call a bus’. [Co-star Kelli Giddish] was yelling it in an episode the other day,” he said.

“I told them, I ain’t yelling ‘call a bus’ anymore. I’m like, do people know what a bus is? It’s an ambulance. Why don’t we just say, ‘call an ambulance’? And they’re like, ‘well it’s cop lingo’. But I think that’s fun.”


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