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The Moment A Murderer Was Told The Body Of Victim Was Found

WARNING: Distressing footage

We've all seen cases of people crying on television when their loved ones disappear, only to disover later on that they were 'crocodile tears' as they were in fact responsible.

Such is the case for one man, who is caught on live television explaining to a reporter that he hadn't seen his neighbour since Saturday, but that she goes running a lot and 'someone might have taken her then.'

It was later discovered that Stephen McDaniel strangled his classmate at Mercer University law school in June 2011.

At the time of the interview, nobody even really suspected that the 'awkward' student who lived next door to the victim, Lauren Giddings, could be responsible for her disappearance.

The video from 2011 is going viral again as McDaniel was told on camera that police had found the body of the missing Giddings hours earlier.

Upon hearing the news, you see McDaniel's demeanor completely shift. He starts to speak slower, his eyes darting and frequently says that he didn’t “know anyone who would want to hurt her”, while on the verge of tears.

Soon after the interview aired, police arrested McDaniel on suspicion of murder. He later confessed to sneaking into Giddings’ room wearing a mask and gloves, after months of spying on her via webcam, and killing her.

According to a report on UNILAD, McDaniel put Giddings’ body into her bathtub and went back to his own apartment next door before returning later on and dismembering the body, He then chose to dump parts of her torso in a dumpster, before joining a search party to look for her.

McDaniel was ultimately sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Source: UNILAD

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