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The Latest Social Media Craze That Could Put You In Hospital

A new social media craze set to rival the mannequin challenge is sweeping the internet. While we’ve seen people tip ice over their head and do push ups for charity, the latest craze has been dubbed 'dangerous'. The ‘Back Pack Challenge’ encourages competitors to run through a gauntlet of people lobbing bags at them. Clever.. huh…

Videos have emerged online of teenagers attempting the challenge at school. A boy is seen running through two rows of teens as he’s pummelled with backpacks before he's knocked to the ground. The video later shows the young boy's mouth gushing with blood and his teeth chipped.  

The fad is believed to have begun in the US and spread throughout schools. One blogger has already voiced his concerns, labelling the challenge ‘very dangerous.’

"With pounds of books being flung at you full speed in this challenge alot can go wrong. Especially when your running at the books full speed as well.

"For instance getting struck in the head and dying… not to mention if that happens everyone involved would more than likely serve some kind of jail time," he said. 

There are fears the trend will spread to Australian schools. Let’s hope kids stick will stick to the relatively safe mannequin challenge!  

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