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No-One Can Decide If This Dress Is Wedding-Appropriate

Everyone knows the absolute, number one, never-to-be-broken rule when it comes to attending a wedding: Do not, under any circumstances, wear a white dress.

That colour is for the bride, and the bride alone, to rep that day - unless they pull a K-Middy and dress their bridesmaids in white too, obviously.

But, if we're being realistic, it's not just white that's off-limits. 

Cream and champagne shades, anything on the slightly too-nude shade of pink, black dresses, red dresses, anything that little bit too short; dressing for a wedding is truly a minefield.

So what about a white dress with a red pattern? Yay or nay? Because one reddit user is truly flummoxed as to whether or not her wedding-appropriate dress is actually wedding-appropriate.


"Is this dress too white to wear as a guest to a wedding?" Honeycomehome asked, before being inundated with answers that probably haven't helped in the slightest.

Some users were firmly in the better-safe-than-sorry-camp:


While others are 100 per cent done with tradition and were all "you go live your life, girl."


So what do you think? Is white a total no-go when it comes to a wedding? Does anyone actually notice when you wear white as a guest?

And do GUYS ever have this problem?!


Same, LC. Same.

Image of dress courtesy of ModCloth


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