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The Hilarious Moment 'Cat Burglar' Was Caught Red Handed

A sneaky cat burglar had one thing on his mind this Christmas… cinnamon rolls. Percy the six-year-old tabby thought he’d got away with the purr-fect crime when he was sprung.

The cat’s owner, Sophie Linder, said she and her family made cinnamon rolls each year for Christmas and the cheeky tabby had already been warned about going near them.  

When Percy appeared to be up to no good Sophie grabbed her phone and ended up capturing the moment the sugar loving cat released he was busted.

Source: Twitter

“My mum had put (the rolls) on this TV table and I could see him eyeing them from underneath,” the University student said.

“He knows the word ‘no’ and he knows the words ‘get down,’ so I told him, ‘Noooo; and he looked at me with that face, because he knows.”

The teenager shared the image on Twitter alongside the caption: “Merry Christmas. Here’s my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon toll 2 seconds are we told him no.” It’s since been retweeted more than 140,000 times.


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