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Footage Of A Truck And Jeep Crashing Has People Divided

Footage of a truck and jeep trying and spectacularly failing to merge on a Sydney road has people debating who exactly is in the wrong.

The dashcam video taken by a motorcycle behind the competing vehicles shows them going head to head at a merge point.

The Jeep, which was in the far left lane on Parramatta Road in Concord, ended up losing a mirror as the truck scraped along its side.

The footage shows the driver beeping his horn as the truck closes in the gap.


Posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, the footage has people debating who is at fault in the low speed incident.

Some pointed the finger at the Jeep driver, claiming the driver’s decision to persist in moving forward and not giving the truck a chance to merge was to blame.

Others pointed out the truck shouldn’t have merged when he wasn’t sure if the lane was clear.

Either way, we’re thinking they both could do with watching the footage for themselves!

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