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The 'First Dates' Conversation That Basically Ruined A Date

Last night on First Dates, we got to meet someone who would never be shy of attention.

Strutting into the restaurant was 20-year-old plus size model Annalise, who got to go on a date with 27-year-old Matt.

In a date that became all about Matt losing heaps of weight and the struggles he now has with eating.

However, there was one aspect of the date that had Australia wishing it had never happened.

When discussing their worst pick-up lines they had ever used or heard, Annalise shared this;

‘I love every bone in your body....especially mine.' 

It got a laugh from Matt but took some coming back from as Annalise clearly just saw Matt as a friend, something she confirmed at the end of the date.

First Dates continues on Channel 7, tonight at 7:30 PM.

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