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The Creepy Titanic Theory That's Freaking Everyone Out

Ready to question everything you ever believed in?

A bizarre new fan theory about Oscar-winning epic Titanic is freaking everyone out this morning - although it DEFINITELY explains why Jack didn't just GET ON THE FLOATING DOOR.


No, this new interpretation of the much-loved romantic drama posits that, wait for it, Jack was just a figment of Rose's imagination.


And, creepily, it kind of makes sense; conspiracy theorists reckon that a combination of her overbearing mother and being forced into a loveless marriage could have led to Rose developing psychosis.

It's not until the young aristocrat is standing on the edge of the mammoth ship, considering ending her own life, that she meets Jack who, the thinking goes, was "the embodiment of her inner-strength" when she needed it most.

Add that to the tiny fact of there being no record of Jack being on the boat - and the elderly Rose replying: "No, there wouldn't be, would there?" when asked about it - and the internet is pretty sure it's cracked the movie's code.

Of course, there's flaws - and plenty of them.

"Oh for goodness sake!!" Ronan wrote on Facebook. "Did she draw herself naked too?"

While Knox Harrington, another sceptical naysayer, asked: "Did Molly Brown's tuxedo wear itself to dinner?

"Was Rose's imaginary friend acknowledged by everyone at dinner?

"Did Cal's henchmen not report seeing them together to Cal?" Harrington continued. "Did the ship's master at arms arrest and take into custody an invisible man?

"Who was wearing an overcoat that had been reported stolen?"

All solid points there, boys.

We may be taking this one with a pinch of salt...

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