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The Block Controversy That Has Already SCREWED Up One Couple

Julie and Sasha are in charge of one of the two guest bedrooms in the challenge apartment this week on the Block.

As well as this, they have also taken on the walk-in robe and bedroom and thanks to the plans a linen cupboard has to be put in the guest bedroom.

Now, we all know linen cupboards are traditionally found in laundries, but due to structural requirements, it means it has to be moved to another area of the apartment.

Julie and Sasha’s next door neighbours Kim and Chris are in charge of the laundry, hallway and powder room this week and the girls have been left hoping that they can give the parents the linen cupboard instead.

However, it has brought up old anger as Julia explained to Kim ‘The way we want to design the room, it can’t go in the wardrobe.

Just a few weeks ago, in living and dining week, the couples fell out when Julie and Sasha gained permission to reduce the size of a structural wall and they didn’t share the city view they gained.

At this stage, it made Kim say to a labourer ‘They made it very clear it was a competition, but now they want a favour, that’s difficult for me,’

It has caused risen tensions over the laundry cupboard, as Kim says there is ‘No chance of her getting the space off me.’

However, Chris and Kim are going to hold off for an answer for a few days before providing an answer, making this week a whole lot harder for Julie and Sasha.

The Block continues tonight 7:30 PM on Channel 9.

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