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The Bachie Creators Just Released One Item All Fans Need

With Channel Ten announcing plans to replay every series of the Australian Bachelor and Bachelorette online, there’s cause for celebration. And what better way to toast this glorious news than with your very own Bachie wine! 

Believe it or not, Bachelor Wines are now a thing! The collection includes a rose appropriated called 'The Final Rose,' a beautiful chardonnay named ‘One on One’ and a rich cabernet sauvignon labelled ‘The Fantasy Suite.’ 

the bachelor au

We just hope they start stocking them at the rose ceremonies! There’s only one thing better than a rejected, drunk, bitter contestant… one who’s drunk to their eyeballs on Bachie wines!

Courtesy: Bachelor Wines 

From all reports the wine goes down well with a dirty street pie and is also a nice treat to sip when you're chilling out in your chocolate bath. We’re planning on saving a few bottle so we can raise a very special glass to Matty J’s imminent breakup from his bikini model girlfriend. Please Bachie gods, please. 

The wines are currently available for pre order on and will set you back around $25. Nice! 

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