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Sydney, This House Is What 2.1 Million Dollars Buys You

If you haven't heard, Sydney is caught in a prolonged housing affordability crisis which is slowly crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone who's saving a deposit to enter the market.

You can of course still afford to buy a property, but you won't be able to say it's your dream house in your dream location by any means. Let's face it, your dream house would have to be in the middle of butt-f#ck nowhere to be affordable.

And then the Sydney property market once again reminds us of how unachievable it is, with this doozie.

A 125 square metre block in Surry Hills, with a four-bedroom, 2 bath and no car space terrace sitting on it - good luck finding parking in Surry Hills, has sold recently for just over 2.1 million dollars.

That's not even the depressing part - the place was an absolute dump.


As can be seen by the Domain listing, there's not one room you'd label as comfortable, clean, or even really liveable.

From a bathroom door held open by a piece of wire, and what seems to be an antenna cable coming in through an open window, this place looks absolutely hideous.

We don't think the real estate agent even wanted to step foot in the place while the photos were being taken...


Check out all the photos of 102 Reservoir Street Surry Hills here, and then go and cry yourself to sleep with the realisation that you'll never, ever be able to afford even a place as attractive as this.

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