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Sydney’s Best Streets To See Christmas Lights

In the countdown to Christmas, there’s A LOT to get excited about.

First up, there’s the food. Everyone drops their guard and hang-ups around food come Christmas time, which is ironic - seeing as it’s also bikini season for us Aussies. Then there's presents and carols and a general lift in people's happiness. JOY.

The one thing I get REALLY excited about is the Christmas lights.

There are HEAPS of Chrissy light hot spots around Sydney, where families make it their mission to make their house an incredible, attention-grabbing attraction - and people flock to see them.

These days, it’s not just the lights you can enjoy. Many houses offer a more interactive experience, where you can actually wander around the property, through carefully crafted paths, admiring their hard work (and source of their sky high electricity bills), before treating yourself to a coffee or an ice cream from one of the carts that are sure to be parked close by. H

ere are some of the best streets in Sydney to hit…

#1: Davidson.

Number 10 sends donations to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, SIDS and Kids NSW. However, houses all throughout Borgnis Street in Davidson are as lit up as the Vegas strip - without the smut, of course…

#2: Chauvel St, North Ryde.

Windy streets see Chrissy lights around every corner - and there’s always an ice cream truck not too far away.

#3: Sydney Rd at Hornsby Heights.

It’s known as the most popular display in the shire and it runs everyday from 8pm till late - with over 50 houses taking part.

#4: Oakleigh Ave in Thornleigh.

Known to be very impressive, with three houses in a row in particular scoring massive points - don’t worry, you won’t miss them.

#5: Lane Cove.

They have an annual Light Up Lane Cove competition, so hundreds of houses throughout the area are all lit up. Definitely worth checking out Sutherland St in Lane Cove, Yallambee Rd in Riverview and Kingslangley Rd in Greenwich.

#6: Richards Close, Berowra.

The cul-de-sac towards the end of Richards Close is well known for having the best Chrissy light displays in the area. Each year more and more homes get involved with local street parties and HEAPS of socialising. The Gully Road and Aubrey Place are also worth a visit.

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