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Sorry, WHAT?! NSW's Naughtiest Place Names

We're not quite sure if this is suitable for work or not, but someone has compiled a list of NSW's naughtiest place names and we cannot stop giggling.

Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick have actually managed to fill a whole MAP with inappropriate destinations, including lesser-known classics such as Uranus Road, Bonar Street and Hooker Park.

But their eye-watering top 10 would have mum reaching for the soap bar to wash everyone's mouth out - although we're already feeling inspired to head off on a road trip or two.

Who knew we had this many cheeky attractions?

1. Bastard Point

2. Big Nobby

3. Cumbooglecumbang

4. Glory Hole Cave

5. Mate

6. Rooty Hill

7. Saddle Flaps

8. Burrumbuttock

9. Curly Dick Road

10. Ticklebelly Gully

Maybe we should change the state name to NSFW?

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