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Someone Revealed What Owls Look Like Without Feathers

When you picture an owl, you might picture Harry Potter’s sweet Hedgwig, all beautiful and white and puffed up.

What you probably DON’T picture, is a long-legged, evil-eyed predator that looks as though it’s just come out of the scariest adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’ that ever existed.

Not at all fluffy and adorable, owls sans feathers are like a scary bird version of a T-rex, complete with small folded wings held up around their body and long, emu-like legs.

Their beaks are curved down and sharp, and their eyes, well, they’ll what you’ll see each time you close your eyes from here on out.

The discovery was made when Twitter user Dana Schwartz decided to google what an owl looks like without feather and once clapping eyes on the result, instantly regretted her decision.

Well, other Twitter users soon caught on, and had a semi-meltdown as a result.

For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy these other hairless animals.

Or don’t…


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