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Someone Has Shared A Very Disturbing Tinder Date Story

Full disclosure, SOME of us in the office have been around the block a couple times and have already this story as an urban legend - and apparently we're not the only ones.

Last week, Twitter blew UP after a user called Jacqueline shared a horrendously disturbing story of a friend of hers who had had possibly the worst Tinder experience you could ever imagine.

It started with what her friend thought was an STI and just went terribly, disastrously downhill from there.


Yeah. We know. What the actual.

It wasn't long before Twitter piled on to point out that this story, albeit it slightly updated to appeal to a dating app-loving audience, has been doing the rounds for a few years and couldn't actually have happened to Jacqueline's friend; poor Jacq's revealed she was "salty" for having been so gullible.

Either way, it's heckin' horrendous and enough to put anyone off swiping right for a seriously long time.


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