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Shocking Footage: Mum Shaves Daughter's Head As Punishment

Is this WAY too far?

Footage of a mother shaving her daughters hair as punishment has gone viral.

Apparently the daughter was bullying a kid at school, so the mother proceeded to shave her daughter’s hair and post the video online for millions to see.

The video (above) shows an older woman, presumed to be the mother, shaving her daughter's hair off in a bathtub, the younger girl wailing and covering her eyes in horror.

Large clumps of her brunette hair can be seen being thrown on the floor as the razor cuts through.

The purported reason for this seemingly savage punishment? Apparently the younger girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer, and this was how her mother decided to teach her a lesson.

Although, the video originally appeared online more than a year ago claiming at the time the younger woman was being punished for uploading nude photographs online.

Either way, is this a fitting punishment?

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