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Shock Revelations Leave Georgia Love Stunned

The exes of the Bachelorette boys are coming out of the woodwork already to stick themselves to the contestants fifteen minutes of fame.

New Idea has spoken to Clancy’s ex who has said that he doesn’t spoil his girls with expensive dates or gifts, and he is a ‘cheap stake.’


"He always wanted to go to Cheap Tuesdays at the movies and would often leave me to pay the bill for dates we went on," she told the magazine.

Maybe that explains the razor to the first cocktail party? Means he doesn’t have to pay for the haircut!

The next ex to suddenly want to live her life in the limelight is that of Rhys Chilton.

His ex-has a warning for Georgia Love and says he is an ‘absolute ladies' man.

Going on to say ‘Don't expect to have his undivided attention on dates in the real world - he is easily distracted by anything with a pulse," she said. Going on to explain that he would regularly ditch her at events so he could "work the room."


Which just sounds like any guy we have ever met!

The Bachelorette continues on Channel Ten tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30 PM.

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