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Salim Mehajer's Bizarre Behaviour Has Been Revealed In Court

Salim Mehajer allegedly put a tracking device on his estranged wife Aysha Learmonth’s car and called her 70 times a day after their marriage broke down.

The harassment was revealed in court on Thursday as the couple look to settle their apprehended violence disorder.

Salim and Aysha agreed yesterday to loosen the terms of the order, which now allows him to approach her.

His alleged controlling behaviour began after his wife moved out of their Auburn home in April and he started to show up at her brother-in-law and sister’s Wollongong home demanding to see her.

He began to bombard her with emails and up to 70 calls, it was claimed in the Wollongong Local Court, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The court was also told that Meijer tried to report her missing in July by telling police that he had installed a tracking device in her car and showed them a map of where she had travelled.

His claim started by saying she was five hours late for an appointment and he feared she had been kidnapped.

In another incident, Ms Learmonth had not told him where she was working, but Salim managed to track her down by calling businesses until he found her.

Mehajer did not appear in court in person but was represented by his lawyer Matt Ward.

Thursday's alteration to the nine-month AVO meant Mehajer could contact her but he was still barred from assaulting, molesting, harassing, threatening or stalking Ms Learmonth.

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