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Rugby Player SLAMMED For Insanely “Racist” Costume

A young rugby player has been labelled a 'racist' after posting a photo of himself dressed as an Aboriginal holding a petrol can. 

Fabian Natoli posted the photo to his Instagram account, but quickly deleted the snap after it was shared by a number of Indigenous Australian identities. 

The photo which showed the 22-year-old covered in red and white paint was captioned ‘Every now and then you just need to culturally enrich yourself and get in touch with the dream time #nookstock.’ 

The post angered musician Thelma Plum, who shared it on her Instagram, branding the young rugby player ‘dead shi*t of the day.’ The post attracted hundreds of comments, which prompted the young man to apologise. 

Source: Facebook

The 22-year-old responded under the musician's photo, saying he had dressed up for an 'Australian themed party’ and denied he was racist. He claimed the costume was merely a joke. 

'I dressed as an Aboriginal to an Australian themed party (no racism intended) saw the jerry can picked it up to what I thought was a funny photo, clearly knowing now that it wasn't and it was offensive to a lot of people,' Natoli wrote. 

Source: Facebook

Despite apologising the youngster was slammed in the comments section, labelled a ‘white privileged gronk.’ 

Natalie plays rugby union for the Manly Marlins on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

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