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Rebecca Judd Causes Online Frenzy, Reveals She Uses $2 Bowls

We all know how good KMart is right?

It's like, you walk in and just want to buy everything.. but how many of us actually go to our mates ''yeah, I got it at Kmart''... probably not heaps of us.

Well there is one person who isn't ashamed, the dreamy woman that is Rebecca Judd.

She sent social media into overdrive after revealing she used $2 kitchen bowls from the amazing KMart.

On her Instagram, Judd said ''hose $2 Kmart bowls which are all over their ad are seriously. I may have bought them in every size and colour #notsponsored #justawesome''

Fans of the Channel 9 weather-woman pounced on the post and clearly went out to buy the bowls as one commented ''Great no wonder they are sold out, tried today and no deal!''

Another agreed saying ''I went back to KMart on Saturday to get the rest of the set and still non left!''

Others praised Judd for ''keeping it real'' and another said ''woo for Kmart!''

The bargain bowls are part of a $12 six piece dinner set and come in black, taupe and pink or are available on their own for $2.

See you in a minute, KMart.

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