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Prince William And Harrys Regret Over Final Words With Diana

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have revealed the regret they feel about their final conversation with their mother, after opening up in a new documentary 'Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy' which airs tonight in the UK.

The Duke and Prince, were just 15 and 12 when Diana, died in a car crash in Paris.

They have spoken for the first time about how they were busy when she called them for what would sadly be the final time.

This Duke said that this final conversation still weighs on his mind “quite, quite heavily”, and Prince Harry confided that he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“At the time Harry and I were running around minding our own business, you know, playing with our cousins and having a very good time,” he said.

Prince Harry added: “As a kid I never enjoyed speaking to my parents on the phone."

“And we spent far too much time speaking on the phone rather than speaking to each other, because of just the way the situation [the divorce] was. He told an on-screen interviewer that he did recall what she had said to him, but chose not to disclose it.”


Prince Harry said “It was her speaking from Paris."

“I can’t really necessarily remember what I said, but all I do remember is probably, you know, regretting for the rest of my life how short the phone call was."

“And if I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother the things I would have said to her.”

“Looking back on it now, it’s incredibly hard. I have to sort of deal with that for the rest of my life."

“Not knowing that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mum, and how differently that conversation would have panned out if I’d had even the slightest inkling that her life was going to be taken that night.”

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