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Politician Is Encouraging 'Paid Sex Breaks' In Workday

We've heard of free food at work and gym memberships being used as work perks, but sex??

Per-Erik Muskos, a Swedish politician, wants workers in his town of Övertorneå to go home for one hour each day and have sex.

“It’s about having better relationships,” he said. “There are studies that show sex is healthy.” 

According to the Huffington Post, “Employees in Sweden already get a fitness hour to exercise mid-work day, so Muskos is simply suggesting that companies advocate their people to use that hour for sex.”

And Muskos see's no reason why that shouldn't be possible. Talk about speaking the language of the people!

This idea totally blows that masturbation at work idea out of the water.

We're just not sure if anyone would actually come back to work.

h/t: Brobible

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