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Police Dog Performs CPR On ‘Collapsed’ Police Officer

Is there anything dogs can’t do?!

Not only are they man’s best friend and can easily turn anyone’s bad mood around, function as people’s eyes after being trained as seeing eye dogs and sniff out a bad guy from a mile away as a trained sniffer dog, but now it seems that some well trained pups can actually save lives!

One very good boy on the police team over in Madrid is so dedicated to his police humans that he managed to learn how to perform lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case any officers collapsed on the job.

The police pup in question is Poncho who has gone viral after he was filmed performing the heroic act on his police officer owner during a simulation.

The footage shows the officer staging a collapse to the ground which immediately sets his trusty buddy Poncho into action.

Poncho can be seen using his front two paws to push down on the officers chest and after several attempts the officer ‘revives’, making the dedicated doggo a hero. And of course Poncho receives a treat for his efforts!

While the video was just an experiment and not a real life-threatening situation for the officer in question, it proved that dogs really are capable of amazing things. Those watching the demonstration can be heard cheering and applauding in the background in amazement.

The Policia de Madrid were also very proud of their pooch Poncho and they tweeted, “Heroic performance of our #Companerosde4Patas Poncho, who did not hesitate for an instant to ‘Save the Life’ of the agent, practicing #RCP in a magisterial way.’

The police department concluded their tweet with a quote from 19th century American humorist Josh Billings and it could not have been more true at this point in time.

“The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than you love yourself.”

WHo else feels like cuddling a bunch of puppies right now? But if you don't have constant access to hundreds of puppies at the drop of a hat you can at least watch the heartwarming moment that little Poncho jumps into action in the video above!


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