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Plumber Takes Crown For Best Truck Logo Ever

Marketing a new business can be tough, but this guy has totally nailed it.

Nick Huckson from Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, started a new plumbing business called The Sault's Plumber, but instead of using the traditional methods of marketing he opted for something a little more out of the box.

Teaming up with a local sign store, Classic Signs, Nick came up with the perfect solution, his idea has now gone viral:

"When I put it on my truck, I wanted people to see the truck and remember my name," Huckson told TODAY. "I wanted to stand out from the crowd."

So how does 25-year-old Huckson go on dates? He says, "Well, my girlfriend has a vehicle, but it's a good way to keep her from taking my truck!"

Well done, Nick, we'd hire you!

h/t: TODAY

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