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Pink Reveals She Was Molested By A Fan

She is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but it appears that even Pink has had unwanted attention from over-zealous fans.

In a story not to dissimilar that saw Taylor Swift go to court after being groped backstage at a meet and greet, Pink has revealed that she too has had to deal with a fan getting a little too close for comfort.

Cool shot from last night courtesy of @apfelmatze ❤️ #singingintherain☔️

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In the Daily Mail the 37-year-old star told how revealed she was on the receiving end of a 'forced motorboating' while in Puerto Rico.

'I was in a bar once in Puerto Rico and a girl ran up to me, lifted up her shirt, and it was a forced motor boat,' she said.

'It was a full violation,' she added with a laugh.

Pink has just released her seventh album Beautiful Trauma and is currently touring throughout Europe, there's no word yet on when she'll return to play in Australia.

Road dawg #nyc #tourdiaries #boobies #redwhiteandblues

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