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OITNB's Brand Spankin' New Trailer Looks INTENSE

After achingly teasing comments from the cast on various award show red carpets, the first trailer for season five of Orange Is The New Black has dropped and we are officially FROTHING.

Yes, it's short - only 15 seconds to be exact - but after months of waiting to see how season four's cliffhanger is going to pan out, even a tiny taste has worked us back up into a frenzy.

The clip, which you can see in full above, is mostly close-ups of each main character's face - until we get to Daya (played by Dascha Polanco), who is pointing a gun at someone out of view and looking pretty upset about it.

According to Danielle Brooks, who plays the legendary Taystee, the new season takes place over just three days, which, we can only imagine, means that whatever is going down is going to be seriously intense.


"You better get ready," she said on the SAG Awards red carpet a couple of weeks ago. "Get your popcorn, your tissues."

The trailer also revealed that the season five will drop on Netflix June 9, 2017 - and promises that "things will never be the same."

Like we said: FROTHING.

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