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One Of 'The Block' Couples Has Called It QUITS

The Block is known for pushing its contestants to its limits but it looks like it really has claimed its latest victims.

Property stylist Julia admitted she was ready to quit the show during last nights episode but now rumours are swirling that her and her partner Sasha have in fact broken up.

Host Scott Cam revealed the women had 'turned on each other', then added, 'Now it's not just their living and dining room that's looking finished, their relationship looks over too.'

Julia was the first contestant to admit the show has been wearing her down saying ‘’'I still feel very confused with what I'm trying to do...I feel very confused,' Julia was seen saying, even though judge Neale Whitaker admitted they were 'back in the game with their styling.'

  'I think they've created the type of apartment we said we were looking for at the start of the show,' Neale added.

We cannot wait to see how all this plays out but we hope they stay together!

The Block continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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