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One Of The Best Masterchef Australia Judges Has QUIT!

Channel Seven have stolen one of the biggest stars of MasterChef with Marco Pierre White moving to Channel Seven.

Pierre White will front a celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen Australia, which is due to start filming in early 2017.

The chef has been a ratings winner in his four seasons on MasterChef with Marco Week always pulling in some of the biggest numbers for the network.

Hell’s Kitchen is a huge success in the US with Gordan Ramsey, and Pierre White hosted the UK version for two seasons.

The show sees chefs face a variety skill-based challenges to produce a full dinner service at a real restaurant. The show is renowned for fiery fights among the contestants as well as tough chefs not holding back.

Pierre White said “Hell’s Kitchen without question, is the most natural environment for me to be myself,”

“All chefs over time will stray slowly from the stove, very few stay close to the flame … Cooking has never been a job to me; it has always been a way of life.

“Kitchens are very special places and, if you spend long enough in them, you will find yourself. Trust me.”

My Kitchen Rules is set to start in late January for Channel Seven, so it appears Hells Kitchen will go head-to-head with MasterChef.

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