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Never Buy Uncomfortable Heels Again With This Nifty Trick

We're sad to say we have wasted a lot of money over the years buying amazing looking heels that only get one or two wears before being retired to the back of the wardrobe because they are so painful. 

Most women  expect a bit of soreness or the odd blister from heels, but the more we can avoid it (and save our money for more comfy variations) the better. 

This is where a simple new trick comes in. 

The magic number is 3! 3cm to be exact. 


When looking at the shoe's profile, always check that the distance between the heel and the soul of the shoe that touches the ground is 3cm or larger. 

Anything less than that will most certainly cause you pain (and no one wants that!)


This is because the smaller the distance means the bigger the incline - and the more weight that will be transferred directly to your toes. 

Simple but genius. 

While online shopping may involve a little more guesswork, comparing the shoes and measurements of other styles on the site can help you gauge whether the distance is 3cm or more. 


Of course sometimes we do fall prey to straps that cut in, rubbing blisters etc, but if this minimises the discomfort of most heels, then we will be happy! 

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