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NASA Reveals 5 Asteroids That Could Hit Earth… This Year!

It’s the beginning scene of any good apocalyptic film…. but an asteroid hurling towards earth is becoming increasingly likely, according to one expert.

Ron Baalke, a leading astronomer from Nasa has tweeted about 5 potentially dangerous asteroids expected to narrowly miss earth this year.

In his tweet, Mr Baalke notes that the first “close call” will occur on July 23, when an asteroid with a predicated diameter of 40-90 metres will come within 752,937 miles from Earth.

This may sound like a fair distance, but considering its size and the nature of distance in space, experts suggest this is worryingly close!

There’s an even more concerning encounter forecast on October 12th with an asteroid predicted to come within less than 35,828 miles from Earth, although the asteroid will only be 12-27 meters in diameter.

The final three potential threats are forecast for December 3rd, February 24th, and April 2nd.

For many years, scientists have been both monitoring and developing ways to combat the threat of asteroid collisions, with the White House releasing a document called the 'National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy'.

The document is said to outline an attack plan if a meteor or asteroid was to head directly to earth, but Dr Joseph Nuth, from Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland said, it’s unlikely to protect us in the event of a collision.

"The biggest problem, basically, is there's not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment."

That’s not exactly the answer we wanted to hear!

Despite this, NASA says there's nothing to really worry about as the likelihood of an earth exterminating collision has been predicted to be more that 50 million years away.

“The space agency has a team of scientists who are always watching the skies for potential threats.”

Hopefully by the time a life threatening threat occurs, technology has advanced enough to protect us!

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