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Nail Polish Brand Used Paris Attacks To Increase Sales

A French nail polish brand is facing backlash for using the Paris Attacks to increase their sales. 

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Duri Cosmetics' PR company used the tragedy as a marketing ploy to sell more nail polish. 

A press release was sent out earlier in the week to promote Duri's French flag coloured polishes so "beauty mavens can unite and wave hands (and toes) in unity". 

However there were no plans to donate the proceeds of the sales to the victims of the tragedy. 

A PR spokesperson from that same PR firm told The Post "Unfortunately, they [Duri Cosmetics] had trouble getting a donation program with it". 

Carol Ientile, the president of PR firm C.I. Visions Inc. has since issued an apology. 

"By referencing where to purchase the products, I realise that my subsequent outreach monetises and trivialises feelings that come from a deep and frightened place in people's hearts. For this, I am deeply sorry - this was NEVER my intention. I regret my missteps and any harm it has inflicted and take total ownership. Duri had no part in my pitch efforts. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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