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Mum Shocked To Find Drugs In Her Toddler's Fast Food Fries

A mum has been left outraged after allegedly discovering marijuana in her toddler's french fries from a major fast food chain. 

Dezeray Risner says her 4-year-old daughter complained that her fries from Wendy's ‘tasted funny’.

Upon closer inspection, the mum of two noticed what she believed to be weed sprinkled over the fries and half a blunt. 


(Image: Facebook)

Dezeray took to social media to share her horror online. 

Police officers failed to discover any weed on the premises of Wendy's, but two employees confessed to smoking it occasionally. 

Wendy's have released the following statement, 

“In response to Ms. Thompson’s Facebook Post, please know all of our customers as well as the quality and integrity of our food are a top priority at Wendy’s and we are taking this very seriously. We are currently conducting a thorough internal investigation and the Human Resource and Legal departments are both fully cooperating with police in their investigation. We will get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible. It is as important to us as it is to the community.”

We're just pleased the toddler didn't eat the whole lot! 

What's the weirdest thing you've found in your food? tell us in the comments section below

Source: Munchies.Vice

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