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Mum Admits To Sleeping Naked With 16-YO Son, Sparks Outrage

Hundreds of thousands of internet users have responded in outrage to a post on question-and-answer website Quora.

The anonymous query appears to have been posted by a woman, who asks for opinions on whether it's appropriate to co-sleep with her teenaged son - while naked.


Understandably, the overwhelming majority of responses were firmly in the "yes" camp.

Shannon Gilles wrote: "Put some damn jammies on or sleep in separate rooms.

"If your son were to casually mention to someone (friend, teacher, relative) that you and he share a bed and that you also are naked this person could potentially cause a LOT of legal issues for you.

"Also, please take your teenager's feelings into consideration. You wanting to sleep naked in the bed with him could scar him for life."

Another user, Gautham Pinnamareddy, agreed, pointing out that it was the "most awkward thing to do".

"I don't understand your intension (sic). Please avoid sleeping naked along with your son."

The post has since been deleted, but not before racking up more than 500,000 views; while many assumed that the anonymous user could be unfamiliar with American societal values, the majority explained that the woman's actions had "overtones of incest."

"He must act within the boundaries set by society," Chic Mendoza urged. "Sleeping NAKED with your pre-teen or teenage son is inappropriate in our society."

Roy Martin said: "I find it so fascinating how issues like this can seem so vastly different from culture to culture.

"Clearly, in our culture this is a really poor choice."

And Matthew Kuzma urged the mother to at least "pretend for the sake of social expectations", recommending the two take "some space apart."

Do you agree with the internet's response?

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