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Mothers Share Photos Of Premature Babies Before & After

A premature birth is a scary and shocking experience for parents to go through. 

So, to share the love to other mothers going through the harrowing experience, Melisa Gardner shared photos of her son. 

The Sydney mum gave birth to Dwight 10 years ago. He was just 32 weeks and was 42 centimetres long. 

On Facebook, Melisa wrote: 

Hi Mummas, for everyone that has had a premmy bub! This is my oldest son Dwight. He was born at Westmead hospital in Sydney after deciding 32 weeks in my belly was enough! Frown from Tamworth in a hurry, it was a scary time for his dad and I. There were a few scares where he stopped breathing but other than that he was sup[er. Spent 4 long weeks in hospital it was such a relief when we got to bring our little man home... he has grown into a beautiful loving caring son, big brother and friend. 


Melisa's post inspired other mums of premmie babies to post photos of their premature babies 'before' and 'after'. 

Michaela Harris' daughter, now three, was born at just 24 weeks and weighed 490 grams before she was transferred to westmead hospital for heart surgery at just four weeks old. 


Debra Tropea also had an unexpected early pregnancy with her son Kruz. 

My little man was born four years ago, I was in hospital for five weeks with pre-eclampsia and several other complications. 

Kruz was born at 35 weeks. 


Source: Dailymail

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