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Mother Poses As Daughter To Catch Paedophile

A mother of a 13-year-old girl is warning other parents about the dangers or paedophiles lurking online after catching out a man allegedly grooming her daughter. 

Kelly Carberry  said she had decided to check her daughter's Facebook profile for the first time when she received a shocking message. 

It read: 'do you promise to keep your mouth shut?' 

Concerned by the message the 34-year-old responded pretending to be her daughter.

'I just started replying to him pretending to be her. He said "are you on your own" and "go in the room and shut your door," she tole the Daily Mail.

'After a bit, I just told him I was her mum and said "what are you doing?"

Ms Carberry said the man, who was pretending to be woman, continued to reply, attempting to play out 'sadomasochistic fantasies'.

She shared the messages online to warn other parents about the dangers and was inundated with messages from concerned mum and dad's who had similar stories. 

The man has since deleted two of his account. UK police are investigating. 

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