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Mother Of Two Labelled A Sl*t For Breastfeeding Her Baby

A mum of two has been labelled a slut after breastfeeding her baby in a shopping centre. Kate Louise was at a Werribee shopping centre, when her one year old son needed to be fed.

With the parent’s room full she opted to feed her son on a nearby couch. What happened next has left the young mum shocked.

She says a woman in her 40’s with her teenage daughter in tow approached her demanding she leave the area so her daughter didn’t have to see her.

'I was so shocked. I couldn't believe that a fellow mother would attack me for feeding my child,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

The young mum stood her ground, refusing to move and that's when things got really nasty. Louise claims the woman reacted with another insulting tirade. 

She said, 'your son is way too old to be feeding off your t*t,' Louise alleges.  

The woman's teenage daughter then chimed in calling the mother of two a slut. Louise says the mother laughed and hi fived her daughter. 

Appalled by the incident Louise shared her experience with other mums on her baby blog and there has been an outpouring of support. 

'The reaction has been amazing. Mothers from everywhere have been so supportive and warming,' she told Daily Mail Australia. 

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