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Model Reveals Terrifying Moment She Was Kidnapped

An American model with a large Youtube following has revealed her terrifying kidnapping ordeal at the hands of her father. Natalia Taylor was just seven when she says her schizophrenic father took her from her aunt and uncle's house. 

To honour the popular Youtuber reaching 100,000 subscribers, the 19-year-old recounted the horrifying ordeal in a candid 39 minute video, simply titled 'Kidnapped. My Story.’

Natalia says she was just seven when her parents separated, after her mum was physically abused by her father who was diagnosed with paranoia and schizophrenia. Throughout divorce proceedings, Natalia says her mum begged her attorney to block her father from receiving visitation rights, but it was unsuccessful. 

'I would tell my mom: "I do not want to see him, he's terrifying,"' Natalia told followers. 

In June 2004, while Natalia was being watched by her aunt and uncle while her mother was at work, she revealed her 6’7 father showed up and aggressively and forcefully took her from the house, claiming he had visitation rights.   

The man named only as ‘Rod’ is then alleged to have driven Natalia to a church hours away where he began speaking about his delusional beliefs. 


'He truly believed he was Jesus Christ and it's a really terrifying thing to think that someone really thinks that they're invincible,' she says. 'Like he had power over everyone in the world,’ she said.  

He later took her to an amusement park where he told her she was going to have the best day of her entire life. Confused the 7-year-old thought it must have been a surprise for her upcoming birthday, which was just two days away. However, Natalia says her father’s plans were sinister, with friends of his revealing to police he had recently made claims of wanting to take his daughter to heaven with him. 

While on a rollercoaster at the amusement park, Natalia says she witnessed her father’s mood change completely, after he discovered he’d lost his cross necklace while on the ride. 

‘He started to go berserk', telling staff that he would 'smite them' if they didn't retrieve it’, she said.  

After their day at the amusement park, Natalia says things became even scarier when her father took her on another long car ride. She says she pleaded and pleaded for him to take her home but he refused. By that stage she says her father’s driving became so erratic he ran a red light at an intersection. It was that very decision that may have just saved the model’s life. 


Natalia revealed an off-duty policeman reported her father for running the red light which forced police to go after the car. Refusing to stop, Natalia says her father began speaking in tongue. The ordeal finally ended when police rammed the car off the road. 

Police tasered Natalia’s father after he tried to flee the crash. They later discovered a stash of weapons in his car.  

'He was making claims that he was trying to take us both to heaven,' says Natalia. 'So I think you guys can kind of interpret what that means.’

If that wasn’t shocking enough for her followers, she then revealed her name wasn’t actually Natalia. The popular Youtuber's name is really Ashely, which she was forced forced to change to evade her kidnapper. 

Her father was later found not guilty of kidnapping, but Natalia says there are warrants currently out for his arrest. 

Many followers begged the model to remove the video, fearing for her safety, but the defiant 19-year-old refused. She did however, request followers not to pass on personal information to her father as she fears he might return. 

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