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MMA Fighter Knocks Out Opponent During Fake Glove Touch

The glove touch, it's supposed to be a mutual mark of respect between two fighters, an indication that they're both ready for a fair fight.

But not only does the referee prompt the two fighters to "touch gloves" at the commencement of any bout, you'll also usually hear the phrase, "protect yourself at all times."

Sadly for the fighter on the right, Bakhtiyar Baratov, (video at top) in this Chinese organized MMA match, Ibragim Khalilov on the left thought he'd sneakily touch gloves with his left hand and throw a brutal knockout blow within the first 3 seconds of the fight from his right.

Not usually the done thing but at the same time, nothing illegal. There's a moral to this story somewhere... Don't trust anyone? Don't be a dick? We'll let you take from it what you will.. watch what happened at top.

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