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Millenials Will SAVAGE You For Distracted Driving...

Ever been in told off for fiddling with the radio while driving?

If that person was aged between 16 and 34, not only is that "Typical of Millenials", they were also much more likely to let it slide if you were using your phone to find those good tunes.  (We highly recommend the iHeartRadio app available for iOS and Android...)

Research has been released that reveals that while 60% of Millennials have called out distracted driving behaviours (eating, changing lanes without indicating, adjusting the radio) only 35% of them would do the same if that distraction involved phone usage.

In fact, half of Millenials surveyed said they immediately check their phones when they get a notification, regardless of if they are driving or not.  Perhaps now is a good time to send them a link to this article.

So in this season of road trips, late night parties and loads of spontaneity, it's worth remembering that using your phone while driving impairs your reaction time, affects your hazard perception, your spatial awareness and general traffic awareness.

That notification you feel in your pocket isn't worth your life, or someone else's life.

Ford, who commissioned the study has joined forces with comedian and scarily convincing girlfriend Alan Tsibulya for this video outlining some of the #ConvosThatCanWait


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