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Melbourne Mum Plans To Carry Her Own Grandchild

A Melbourne mother is hoping to give birth to her grandchild in a surrogate pregnancy.

Kirstie Coffrey, 22 was born with no uterus or womb and was told she will never be able to fall pregnant when she was 16.

But Coffrey hopes to start a family with her mother, Katrina, after the 41-year-old offered to carry her grandchild.

Ms Coffrey said she was ‘devastated’ when she found about her condition.

'I grew up in a big family with lots of kids, and kids are something I've always wanted,' she said.

But her mother promised to make the ultimate sacrifice.

'When we found out I could have my children, just not carry them, my mum said she would.

'She [Katrina] said she'd carry my baby for me when I met the right person and it made things so much better.'

Ms Coffrey says she has now met the right man, Brad O’Toole. Who was shocked when I first told him of my diagnoses, but he and my mum are close, and he's happy about what she's doing for us.

'We feel blessed that we're still able to have our genetic children. Pregnancy is just one part of it all.'

The couple is still in the early stages of surrogacy, a process which means undergoing counselling sessions, mental health tests, doctor visits, and meetings with lawyers.

The process could cost the couple up to $45,00, and as a result, they have set a GoFundMe page to help start their family.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Facebook.

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